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Back to blog January 06, 2009 No Comments Author: Andy Jones

Targeted Searching – Private Equity Firms

For middle market investment bankers, finding the right private equity group, rather than just a private equity group is paramount. Further, contacting the right person at the right firm is also important. Most investment bankers who have done deals with private equity firms know that contacting the wrong person at the right PE firm often leads to the wrong answer.

This is why we enable subscribers to search our Private Equity data module in a variety of ways.

For highly targeted results, keyword search the portfolio company business descriptions for those keywords and phrases that describe your client’s business. Note: because there are now tens of thousands of portfolio companies in our database, the more targeted your keywords, the better your search results will be. For example, “plastic injection molding” is a better choice than “manufacturing”.

Searching the portfolio company business descriptions provides a targeted list of potential private equity groups to approach, but don’t stop there. For each of these firms, view the professional bios to find the person at each firm that holds the seat on the Board of Directors for the portfolio company that interests you. This is the correct person to contact at that private equity firm. If not that, then the executive with the Business Development title (or possibly both).

This approach should enhance your searching accuracy and should provide you with an excellent list of potential buyers or investors for your client.


Watch a 45 Second Tutorial to learn how to efficiently keyword search portfolio company business descriptions to find other transactions of interest.

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