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Back to blog January 07, 2009 No Comments Author: Andy Jones

Hedge Fund Database

There have been a number of articles recently surrounding the SEC filing requirements for hedge funds. However, I have yet to see hedge fund industry statistics that are accurately reported. Hopefully, the metrics below will help present a clearer picture of the SEC registered hedge fund advisors.

  • The hedge fund database current contains 6,655 firms that collectively manage over 35,655 private funds with a current value totaling approximately $4.3 trillion (as of Q2-2007).
  • 2,167 of these firms operate primarily as pure hedge funds (as opposed to firms that may have a hedge fund subsidiary within the larger investment advisory firm).
  • These 2,167 hedge fund advisors collectively manage $1.6 trillion in assets. The largest 10 of which represent nearly 15% of this $1.6 trillion.