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Back to blog May 08, 2017 No Comments Author: Andy Jones

Connecting with the Right Person

When you contact a private equity firm about a specific client, it’s important to contact the right person at the right firm. If you get the wrong person at the right firm you’ll still get the wrong answer. So, who’s the right person?

The answer depends on the firm:

  1. If the firm has someone with the title “Business Development”, this is almost always the best first contact at that firm to present a deal.
  2. If there is not a Business Development contact, look for the Managing Director who holds a seat on the Board of Directors for the portfolio company that most interests you.
  3. If not that, at a smaller firm, contact the most senior person. At a large firm do NOT contact the most senior person (Chairman or President). They are less often doing deals and spend most of their time managing the firm. Instead, contact a Managing Director, preferably in the industry vertical that matches your client.