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Back to blog June 22, 2017 2 Comments Author: Andy Jones

Private Equity Firms: Cross-Border Investments

As an industry average, private equity firms tend to hold approximately 25% of their portfolio companies outside their home country (and 75% domestic). This 25-75% mix of domestic vs. cross-border investing seems to hold fairly constant over time.

(Note: this study refers to the actual number of portfolio companies, not the enterprise values)

Global Private Equity Firms - Domestic vs. Cross-Border Investments


Erich K. Schmid 5 years ago

Kendra, do you have a list of the PEGs that are investing outside home country. Specifically, I am interested in PEGS investing in Brazil.

Kendra Jalbert 5 years ago

Hi Erich – We are currently tracking 87 private equity firms that have made investments in 407 companies based in Brazil. 165 of those investments were done by US based private equity firms. Give me a call if you would like to purchase this custom data file.