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Back to blog June 26, 2017 No Comments Author: Andy Jones

Search Tip: Finding the Right PE Firm for an Add-on Investment

The best method to find the right financial buyer for your client’s company is to keyword search the business descriptions of the portfolio companies to find a private equity firm that has already made a similar or related investment. This is the single best indicator of potential interest in a particular deal.

You could filter by industry categories and size parameters, but this is more of a shotgun approach. Finding portfolio companies similar to your client is more of a rifle shot. The PE firms from this search will be your A-list.

Once you establish a list of PE firms with relevant portfolio companies, make sure you connect with the right person at that firm. If you contact the wrong person at the right firm, you can still sometimes get the wrong answer. My advice is to connect with the person with the title “Business Development” or the person who holds a Board seat for the portfolio company of interest to you. You can often find who holds a seat on the Board by looking through the professional bios, which we also track.