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Back to blog November 04, 2017 No Comments Author: Andy Jones

Database Criteria – Private Equity

We are very particular about the firms we choose to include in our database. Because our target customer is a middle market investment banker, we only include those firms that have a reasonably high probability of going to the closing table and consummating the transaction. As such, we look for either committed capital or recent history showing the firm is actively closing deals in the marketplace.

Types of firms you will NOT find in our database (because they add unwanted noise to your search results):

  • Tire Kickers – a couple of guys that call themselves a private equity firm, but only have a few million dollars and no track record of closing deals.
  • Search Firms (that don’t close deals) – we have nothing against search firms, but we will only include them if they have established a history of closing deals. We do NOT include those search firms that are looking for a single platform investment to operate.
  • Venture Capital Firms – the VC market is completely different from private equity and M&A. Consequently, we do not typically include venture capital firms in the database. When we do, it’s because the firm operates across the spectrum, from early-stage, venture capital investments to private equity deals.

Not only are we fanatical about our data quality, we also want to ensure that we offer the “right” firms in the search results. Ultimately, the goal is to enable our customers to work more efficiently and to close more deals. We do this by offering meticulous quality and timely information in an easy-to-use format.