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Back to blog November 09, 2017 No Comments Author: Andy Jones

Private Equity Fund Size – by Assets Under Management

In a previous blog, I showed the distribution of private equity funds by the amount of capital raised. This study shows the distribution of private equity funds by assets under management (AuM).

The 6,472 private equity buyout funds included in this study account for a staggering $1.8 trillion.

The distribution of fund AuM tends to center around $100 – $250 million, with a median fund size of $65 million.

Private Equity Fund Size Distribution by Assets under Management

Private Equity AuM

AuM measures the size of the private equity investment sector and its influence on the overall economy.

A fund’s AuM is the current value of the fund, which includes the estimated market value of assets the fund has acquired plus any capital not yet deployed. AuM differs from the initial amount of capital raised from Limited Partners (high net worth individuals, pension funds, family offices, endowments and other institutional investors) because AuM includes changes in a fund’s value after the capital raise is complete.

Understanding the Data

This study of assets under management only includes:

  1. Funds operated by PE firms in the research database at, primarily buyout firms with committed capital.
  2. Funds with a known AuM, and greater than $1 million.
  3. Funds specifically intending to make private equity investments. That is, we excluded real estate investment funds, venture capital funds and other alternative asset, non-private equity buyout funds.

Although there are considerably more PE firms in the PEI research database, for this study, the filters above resulted in 6,472 buyout funds, collectively operated by 878 unique private equity firms.