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Back to blog March 02, 2018 No Comments Author: Kendra Jalbert

Building and Downloading Lists

This short tutorial will show you how to build and download lists of targeted contacts.

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Video Transcription

Use to build and download lists of targeted contacts. Before searching the database, create a unique list for each of your deals. As you find relevant firms, quickly populate your lists with the exact right contacts – portfolio company board members or those responsible for deal origination. Return to Manage Lists to view and download your key contacts with full business card information, firm type, search filters, and portfolio details. With this appended data it will be easy to remember why a contact was included. Lastly, Private Equity Info helps keep your CRM up-to-date – red flags will alert you to inactive firms and executives. Private Equity Info accelerates M&A research. Expand your network. Close more deals.