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Back to blog March 02, 2018 No Comments Author: Andy Jones

What is a Middle Market Company?

Corporate finance professionals often refer to companies in the “middle market”. Operating executives rarely use this terminology. So, what does it mean?

While there is no universal, standard definition of a middle market company, the term normally refers to companies with an enterprise value between $50 – $500 million. Within this range, people refer to “lower middle market” ($50 – $250 million) or “upper middle market” ($250 – $500 million) companies.

For the purposes of building our M&A Research Database at, we have broken the size ranges of deals that the various private equity firms will consider into the following four categories.

Category    Deal Size
Small          $0 – $50 million
Mid             $50 – $250 million (lower middle market)
Large          $250 – $500 million (upper middle market)
Mega          $500+ million