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Back to blog May 03, 2018 No Comments Author: Andy Jones

Finding PE Firms that Invest in Smaller Deals

We often get asked how to use our M&A Research Database to find private equity firms that invest in smaller deals. For example, companies with EBITDA in the $1 – $5 million range.

Because companies of this size are normally add-on investments to existing portfolio companies, the best method is to keyword search the portfolio company business descriptions to find those PE firms that already own similar companies. Watch our quick video demo on how to efficiently search portfolio companies to find the best fit for your company or client.

However, if you would like to simply filter the PE firms by those that will invest in this size range, use our “Advanced Filters” and set the EBITDA range from 1 – 5 million as shown below.

Finding PE firms that invest in smaller deals

Keep in mind, the acquisition criteria values we collect for the Target Financials section are for platform investments, not add-ons.