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Back to blog May 11, 2018 1 Comment Author: Andy Jones

Private Equity – Assets under Management

This morning, a customer asked how many private equity firms in the database have assets under management (AuM) greater than $1 billion. I thought I’d share the results of this quick study with everyone.

Individual Funds with AuM > $1 billion – our database has 1,007 unique funds with AuM greater than $1 billion. These funds are collectively run by 231 unique PE firms.

PE Firms with total AuM from multiple funds > $1 billion – the database has 345 unique private equity firms with total AuM (total of all their funds) greater than $1 Billion. Obviously, this second case is a broader scenario that includes the firms in the first case above.

More generally, PE Firms with total AuM…

Total AuM Range# PE Firms
$100 – 250 million147
$250 – 500 million171
$0.5 – 1 billion165
$1 – 25 billion320
$25 – 50 billion21
$50+ billion4


NOTE – This data should not be used to extrapolate the distribution of total AuM for the private equity industry. This is simply the data we have on the individual private equity funds in our database. There are a number of PE funds where we simply have no AuM data. Also, data for larger funds is generally more available, which would produce a bias in the distribution.

1 Comment:

Patrick Clarke 4 years ago

What does it cost, for the listings of the 147 firms with inputs of $100 to 250 million. I need the name of the top person, address and location of the firm?