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Back to blog July 02, 2018 No Comments Author: Andy Jones

Number of Active Portfolio Companies per Private Equity Firm – Industry Stats

I ran some statistics on our database of private equity portfolio companies, to determine how many current portfolio companies are held by the various private equity firms.

As expected, there isn’t a “typical” number of holdings, but the stats are as follows:

Range of active portfolio companies: 1 to 211

At the upper end of the range, there are 17 private equity firms with more than 100 active companies in their portfolio. These PE firms include some of the largest brands in the industry:

We also have a few firms that span the spectrum of investment cycles, from VC to PE. These include firms like:

Each of these firms hold more than 140 current portfolio companies.

While we try to avoid including pure venture capital firms in our M&A research database, we do include those firms that do both. Consequently, this data is skewed a bit due to the influence of some VC investors (who typically hold more portfolio companies than a typical buyout fund).

Average number of active portfolio companies: 11.4

This is somewhat skewed upward by the large firms with a lot of portfolio companies. Consequently, the median is likely a more interesting statistic.

Median number of active portfolio companies: 7

Half of the private equity firms hold 7 or fewer portfolio companies and half of the private equity firms hold 7 or more portfolio companies at any one time.

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