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Back to blog September 25, 2018 No Comments Author: Andy Jones

U.S. Private Equity Firms Investing in South & Central America

In the past 12 months, we’ve had more customer inquiries about U.S. private equity firms investing in Latin America. Our database at currently shows 87 U.S.-based PE firms with current portfolio company investments in South & Central America (I excluded Mexico for this study… which would have added another 22 PE firms).

Of these portfolio company investments, 90% are concentrated in just 7 countries. More than half are in Brazil.

  • 53% – Brazil
  • 9%   – Puerto Rico
  • 9%   – Columbia
  • 6%   – Chile
  • 6%   – Argentina
  • 4%   – Peru
  • 3%   – Cayman Islands

Top 3 Private Equity Firms Investing in South & Central America

13% of these Latin American portfolio companies are held by three private equity firms:

Although Advent has investments in 7 different South & Central American countries, the firm has primarily focused on Brazil and Columbia.

Carlyle primarily invests in Brazil and Peru but also has investments in Chile and Columbia.

H.I.G. began acquiring companies in Brazil in late 2013 and continues to make acquisitions, one as recent as a few weeks ago. Within Latin America, H.I.G. has focused exclusively on Brazil.

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