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Back to blog October 18, 2018 No Comments Author: Andy Jones

Private Equity Firm Locations – U.S.

The map below shows the concentration of private equity firms across various U.S. states, with obvious concentrations in New York, California, Texas, Illinois, Connecticut, Massachusetts and Florida (in that order).

Private Equity Firms - Concentration by State


However, for financial firms, it’s less about the states and more about the cities, as seen the in the map below (each blue circle represents a single PE firm).

Private Equity Firms - U.S. Locations


Overlaying these two maps…

Private Equity Firm Locations - U.S.

Private Equity Info is a great tool to strategically plan your networking meetings with private equity firms as you travel – within the U.S. and around the world (while the data presented here is U.S.-centric, we track PE firms globally).