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Back to blog November 15, 2018 No Comments Author: Andy Jones

Custom M&A Research

Recently, a subscriber to our service called to ask about private equity investments in the Oil & Gas sector. He wanted to look at the data from a different angle than our normal use-case and found he was unable to slice the data the way he wanted through our existing database filters online.

Fortunately, we also perform custom research for clients and were able to get the data he needed, the way he wanted, by querying the database directly, and differently than the available filters on our front-end search page. This gave our customer interesting (and accurate) data catered specifically to his needs for his project.

The point of this story is to say that we offer custom research as a part of our service. In fact, we do this frequently. If it’s fairly quick and does not involve a lot of data output, we provide custom research for our Platinum and Pro level subscribers at no additional charge. We just view this as good customer service and part of the package when you subscribe. If the research is more involved, takes a lot of time, or exports a lot of data, we’ll quote you a price to do the work. Either way, we’d love to ensure our customers get exactly what they are looking for or save some time by having us do some of the work.

If you have a custom research request, feel free to reach out to us to see if we can help.