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Back to blog November 17, 2018 No Comments Author: Andy Jones

Private Equity Funds – Statistics

Private equity firms deploy an enormous amount of capital into the private capital markets. The database currently tracks 17,320 funds operated by private equity firms. Collectively, these funds currently have $3.4 trillion in assets under management.

  • Average fund size = $197 million
  • Median fund size = $33 million

Most private equity firms have at least one fund from which they invest capital into target companies (if the firm does not have a fund of committed capital, they are referred to as “Fundless Sponsors”). Most private equity firms have multiple funds. While the range of the number of funds is from 1 to 100, the median (most normal case) for a private equity firm is to operate 3 funds.

Limited Partners

Private equity firms raise capital for their funds from limited partners (investors). The median number of LPs for a private equity fund is 18 investors.

Minimum Investment

Private equity funds normally, although not always, stipulate a minimum investment from their LPs to participate in a particular fund. The median minimum investment is currently $250,000.