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Back to blog November 26, 2018 No Comments Author: Kendra Jalbert

Private Equity – October 2018 Investment Trends

The trending private equity investment sectors for October 2018 are highlighted below with a few example transactions.

Autism Therapy for Children

Abry Partners

Invested in Lighthouse Autism Center (Mishawaka, IN), a provider of center-based Applied Behavioral Analysis therapy for children on the autism spectrum.

MBF Healthcare Partners

Formed Acorn Health (Coral Gables, FL), a family of companies delivering Applied Behavioral Analysis services to children with autism.

Nexphase Capital

Recapitalized Action Behavior Centers (Austin, TX), a center-based provider of ABA therapy for children on the moderate to severe end of the autism spectrum. The Company focuses on therapy for children ages 2-6, known as Early Intensive Behavioral Intervention (EIBI).

Industrial Manufacturing

Artemis Capital Partners

Acquired Superior Technical Ceramics (St. Albans, VT), a designer, engineer, and manufacturer of technical ceramics to customer requirements.

Auxo Investment Partners

Acquired Prestige Stamping, Inc. (Warren, MI), a high-speed niche manufacturer of custom engineered stampings for the fastener industry.

Rock Hill Capital

Invested in TMCo Holdings, LLC (Houston, TX) a manufacturer of orifice fittings, a type of differential pressure meter which measures the rate of flow, for use in the oil and gas industry.

Software Solutions

LLR Partners

Invested in Edmunds & Associates (Northfield, NJ), a provider of fully-integrated software solutions for local governments, including ERP applications, real-time mobile applications and self-service portals

Serent Capital

Invested in MeridianLink (Costa Mesa, CA), a provider of mission-critical software solutions to financial institutions.

Symphony Technology Group

Invested in AFS Technologies (Phoenix, AZ), a provider of software solutions purpose-built for consumer goods manufacturers and food distribution companies.

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