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Back to blog January 02, 2020 No Comments Author: Andy Jones

Private Equity Database

Our Private Equity Database is specifically designed for middle market investment bankers to quickly identify those PE firms that will most likely have an interest in acquiring (or investing in) his or her client’s company. The single best way to determine this is to find PE firms that A) consistently makes acquisitions and B) have acquired similar portfolio companies already.

We currently track ~90,000 private equity owned portfolio companies, including full business descriptions. Because these portfolio companies (both current and prior) are keyword searchable, subscribers may search very specific niches to quickly find those private equity firms that are most active within certain, niche industries. This allows subscribers to be hyper-efficient with their time marketing a deal, by focusing on those financial sponsors that are the best fit for their client.

Because we also track the senior level executives at each private equity firm, including their professional bios, subscribes can also find the best person to contact at a specific private equity firm about a deal. This is often the PE professional who holds a seat on the board for the portfolio company of interest. This is important, because contacting the wrong person at the right firm, might still get the wrong answer.

Contact us if you have further questions about how our private equity database might help with your M&A research.