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Back to blog July 30, 2020 No Comments Author: Kendra Jalbert

Private Equity – June 2020 Investment Trends

The trending private equity investment sectors for June 2020 are highlighted below with a few example transactions.


Elige Capital

Invested in MediReport (Paris, FR), a publisher of software and medical information systems for interventional cardiology departments.

Enhanced Healthcare Partners

Invested in EA-Synergy (San Diego, CA, US), a provider of integrated clinical and performance management services for emergency department surgical services, specialty physician on-call services, and emergency medicine.

Rubicon Technology Partners

Invested in Central Logic (Minneapolis, MN, US), a provider of patient flow software to healthcare providers.


BBH Capital Partners

Recapitalized Sunstar Insurance Group (Memphis, TN, US), a regional insurance brokerage firm.

B.P. Marsh & Partners

Invested in Sage Program Underwriters (Bend, OR US), a provider of specialist insurance products to niche industries, initially providing Worker’s Compensation insurance to the ground delivery and field sport sectors.

SkyKnight Capital

Invested in StarStone U.S. (Chicago, IL, US), a provider of a diversified range of property and casualty insurance products for small to mid-sized businesses.

Waste Management

CenterOak Partners

Invested in Shamrock Environmental  (Browns Summit, NC, US), a provider of essential environmental services, including non-hazardous wastewater treatment, waste management, industrial services and remediation.

Clairvest Group

Invested in Arrowhead Environmental Partners (Uniontown, AL, US),  a non-hazardous solid waste management company that provides disposal services through its waste-by-rail infrastructure.

Kinderhook Industries

Acquired EcoSouth Services of Mobile (Axis, AL, US), an integrated waste company operating the Axis Industrial Landfill, a private EPA, RCRA Subtitle D compliant landfill in Mobile County. In addition to non-hazardous solid and liquid waste disposal capabilities, the Company also provides transportation and in-plant services for businesses that generate non-hazardous solid and liquid waste.

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