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Back to blog May 12, 2021 No Comments Author: Andy Jones

New Feature Announcement – Exact Executive

PrivateEquityInfo announces a new feature to accelerate your research.

Investment bankers use our M&A Research Database to quickly find targeted, potential acquirers who will likely have a keen interest in their client’s company.

Once you identify the best private equity firms for your deal, it’s equally important to connect with the right person at each firm. Otherwise, you might get the wrong answer, or sometimes, no answer.

Our new feature, Exact Executive, does the work for you by identifying the private equity executive who holds the board seat for the portfolio company you are interested in.

With this new feature, the Exact Executive is flagged visually on screen (shown below) and is also included in your download files.

Exact Executive saves you a lot of research time and ensures you connect with the right person at the right firm to close your deal.