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Back to blog September 20, 2022 No Comments Author: Andy Jones

Private Equity Investing in Advisory Services

Private equity firms have shown an increased interest in Advisory Services platforms over the past decade. Consistent with this trend, 2022 is on pace for a record year for PE firms investing in advisory services companies.

Our M&A Research Database shows 194 historical platform investments (excluding add-ons) in the Advisory Services space.

PE Investing in Advisory Services

For this chart, Advisory Services includes:

  • Financial advisory (41%)
  • Digital advisory
  • Technology advisory
  • Management consulting
  • Physical & cyber risk advisory
  • Tax and business advisory
  • Diversity & inclusion advisory
  • Corporate governance advisory
  • Political & policy risk advisory… and more.

Note: 41% of PE platform investments in advisory services was within financial advisory services.

Private Equity Firms with at least two current Advisory Services platform investments

  1. Genstar Capital (San Francisco, CA, US)
  2. Renovus Capital Partners (Wayne, PA, US)
  3. Altamont Capital Partners (Palo Alto, CA, US)
  4. Cynosure Group, The (Salt Lake City, UT, US)
  5. HarbourVest Partners (Boston, MA, US)
  6. Kelso & Company (New York, NY, US)
  7. Trilantic North America (New York, NY, US)
  8. LightYear Capital (Chicago, IL, US)
  9. Vistria Group (San Francisco, CA, US)
  10. Charterhouse Capital Partners (London, UK)
  11. Sachs Capital (Potomac, MD, US)
  12. CVC Capital Partners (London, UK)
  13. Stone Point Capital (Greenwich, CT, US)
  14. Investcorp (New York, NY)

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