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Private Equity Investing in the Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Industry

Expanding on our last post, Private Equity Investing in the Automotive Aftermarket Industry, the demand for electric vehicles has surged the EV fleet size on the road. Consequently, private equity investors have shown increased interest in the emerging EV charging stations industry.

The chart below shows the trend of PE platform investments in the EV Charging Station industry.

Private Equity Investment in EV Charging Stations

Recent PE Investments in the EV Charging Station Space

July 2022LitCapital invested in Elinta Charge (Kaunas, Lithuania), an electric vehicle (EV) charging technology designer and manufacturer.

January 2022The Carlyle Group invested in Fermata Energy (Charlottesville, VA, US), an electric vehicle charging and services company targeting the bi-directional EV charging market.

December 2021Waterland Private Equity Investments invested in Alliance Electronics (Alsace, France), a company specializing in prototyping and manufacturing services for low-volume printed circuit board assembly destined for the healthcare, electric vehicle charging, and IoT industries.

November 2021Tiger Infrastructure Partners invested in Qwello (Munich, Germany), a full-service builder, owner, and operator of electric vehicle (“EV”) charging infrastructure.

October 2021Cube Infrastructure Managers invested in Stations-E (Boussy Saint Antoine, France), a smart infrastructure operator combining electric vehicle charging points with wireless telecom infrastructure.

Note: We have segregated our data based on EV industry focus. If you are interested in additional information on the EV industry, our data shows the following breakdown:

  • Charging Station (17 portfolio companies)
  • Battery/Battery Technology (11)
  • Electric Car (1)
  • Electric Vehicle Software (1)
  • Charging Equipment (1)
  • EV Charging Plugs & Cables (1)

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