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December 01, 2021 No Comments Author: Andy Jones

International Private Equity Investing in U.S. Companies

Historically, 5% to 8% of U.S. private equity platform acquisitions are made by PE firms outside the U.S.

2019 was the peak for this metric at 7.8%. That is, in 2019, 187 U.S.-based companies were acquired as new platform investments by international PE firms. (Add-on investments include a much larger number of acquisitions by international PE firms.)

The most targeted sectors by international private equity firms in 2021 were: Software, Healthcare, Technology, Data Analytics, and Food & Beverage (in that order).

November 09, 2021 No Comments Author: Andy Jones

Announcing Auto-Search

You don’t really relish spending hours performing buyer research for your client… you mostly just want the results.

After years of R&D, we’re very excited to announce our new service, Auto-Search, which uses AI and smart algorithms to do the research for you.

Auto-Search – simply enter your client’s website and let Auto-Search discover the relevant products and services offered and identify financial and strategic buyers for your client’s company.

Hours of research compressed into two minutes!

How It Works

Demo Video

November 04, 2021 No Comments Author: Andy Jones

Private Equity – Acquisition Criteria Metrics 2021

We have previously reported that private equity, as an industry, is moving down market, increasingly investing in smaller deals.

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While the migration down market was a trend, this seems to have stabilized, with little change in the last three years. That said, with the previous push down market, there’s now a long tail to the distribution of companies of interest to private equity firms.

So, how small of a company will PE firms still consider for a platform investment?