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September 16, 2020 No Comments Author: Andy Jones

Quality Deal Flow from Aged Portfolio Companies

Access to quality deal flow is the single largest determinant of success for investment banks and private equity firms. There is, however, a steady flow of potential deal intelligence that remains largely untapped.


The statistics from our private equity database show the median holding period for private equity portfolio companies is 4.8 years. That is, half of all portfolio companies are exited BEFORE they age 4.8 years under private equity ownership.

Private Equity Holding Periods

September 08, 2020 No Comments Author: Andy Jones

Private Equity Investments in Telemedicine, Telehealth & Virtual Healthcare

In recent years, many basic healthcare interactions have been moving to virtual health services – telehealth or remote video health services. The spread of the coronavirus has accelerated the trend.

Private equity firms early to invest in telehealth portfolio companies have benefited from the sudden and significant increased demand for telemedicine and related remote healthcare services.

Which private equity firms capitalized on this shift in momentum with more than one portfolio company in the virtual health space?

August 03, 2020 No Comments Author: Andy Jones

Private Equity Investing in SaaS Companies

Private equity platform investments in Software-as-a-Service companies increased significantly in 2020YTD as a percentage of all PE deals. Many SaaS companies have been less negatively impacted by the economic impacts of the coronavirus compared to other industries, both in terms of continued demand for their product or service as well as the agility to continuing operations, working from home. In many cases, SaaS companies have benefitted by the sudden change in industry dynamics.