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April 09, 2018 No Comments Author: Andy Jones

Private Equity Funds – Minimum LP Investment

We currently track ~11,400 private equity funds in our Research Database at

The minimum investment required from Limited Partners to invest in the various PE funds scales with fund size and typically ranges from $100,000 to $10 million.

Except for the largest 5% of funds (those with more than $1 billion in AuM), the median minimum investment for Limited Partners is about 1% of the total AuM. The largest funds have a minimum investment of about 0.4% of AuM.Private Equity Funds Limited Partner Minimum Investment

April 04, 2018 No Comments Author: Andy Jones

Private Equity Funds – Assets under Management

We currently track ~11,400 private equity funds in our Research Database at Collectively, these private equity funds hold $1.9 trillion in Assets under Management (AuM).

For the funds we track…

  • the largest quartile of funds (those with more than $180 million AuM) represents 88% of the total private equity Assets under Management (AuM).
  • the largest 5% of funds (those with more than $1 billion AuM) represents more than half of the total private equity AuM.

Private Equity Funds Assets under Management

Assets under Management is the value of the fund’s remaining cash plus all assets. It is NOT net of debt.

Access to our PE funds data is available with the Pro-level subscription option.

April 03, 2018 No Comments Author: Andy Jones

Interview – Nicholas Assef with LCC Asia Pacific

Nicholas Assef

About Your Firm…

LCC Asia Pacific is an independent investment banking firm operating out of Sydney and Brisbane in Australia. LCC was founded in 2004. The Firm provides both strategic consulting and investment banking services to both public & private corporate clients in the mid- to upper mid-market ($50 million and $1 billion in enterprise value), principally in the following sectors:

  • Engineering, Contracting & Complex Services
  • Oil Field, Energy & Infrastructure Services
  • Renewables, Water, Environmental & Waste Services
  • Industrials including Industrial Technology & “Smart Manufacturing”
  • Mining & Resources
  • ICT & Logistics

Describe the corporate market in Australia and Asia

While the U.S and Europe tend to have a broader number of companies in the mid-market, Australia and Asia markets typically look like an “hour-glass”. A market map would illustrate many smaller companies at the bottom, a number of larger companies at the top and lower concentration in the middle. Mid-market companies in Australia and Asia tend to get acquired when they demonstrate a number of key positive factors – hence the lower number of constituents.

Across Australasia pension funds tend to invest in mid-caps as they become “Stock Index Relevant”. You can then see valuations of many mid-caps become “full” in time from such index related investment inflows, and as a strategy, identifying those that are likely to be on this trajectory and acquiring them before they hit high valuations can be highly effective.

March 27, 2018 No Comments Author: Andy Jones

Find Targeted Private Equity Investors for Your Deal

The single best indicator of a private equity firm’s interest in a specific sector or niche is that they have already made a similar platform investment. To find these targeted private equity firms for your deal, search our database of PE-owned portfolio companies using keywords and phrases that describe your client’s company.

Once you find a relevant portfolio company, look at the keywords and phrases used in that business description. Use some of these as your next keyword searches. This enables you to spider out to find multiple players in the sector. After some searching, you should start to triangulate around certain PE firms that have a specific interest in your client’s company.

Watch our quick video tutorial on searching private equity portfolio companies.

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